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Interregnum: Quiz


Question 1: An interregnum occurs also upon the death of the Pope, though this is generally known as a ________ (vacant seat).
Pope John Paul IICatholic Church hierarchyCatholic ChurchSede vacante

Question 2: The 840–843 period in the ________
Carolingian EmpireLouis the PiousCharlemagneFrancia

Question 3: The Time of Troubles in Russia (1598–1613) between the Rurikid and ________ dynasties
Princess Tatiana Constantinovna of RussiaPrincess Irina Alexandrovna of RussiaHouse of RomanovGrand Duke Boris Vladimirovich of Russia

Question 4: The events of Isaac Asimov's ________ take place during the galactic interregnum in his Foundation Universe, taking place in the 25th millenium.
Foundation and EarthFoundation (novel)Foundation and EmpireFoundation series

Question 5: The term can also refer to the period between the pastorates of ministers in some ________ churches.
ProtestantismBaptistChristianityChristian denomination

Question 6: This is not so in other monarchies where the new monarch's reign begins only with ________ or some other formal or traditional event.
MonarchyAustrian Crown JewelsCoronationCrown jewels

Question 7: ________'s State of Exception (2005)
Giorgio AgambenGilles DeleuzeMarxismPhilosophy

Question 8: In some monarchies, such as the ________, an interregnum is usually avoided due to a rule described as "The King is dead. Long live the King", i.e.
CanadaEnglandUnited KingdomWales

Question 9: The interregnum ends immediately upon election of the new Pope by the ________.
Pope Benedict XVICollege of CardinalsVatican CityRoman Curia

Question 10: In Roman law, interregnum was usually accompanied by the proclamation of justitium (or state of exception, as ________ demonstrated in his 2005 book of this name).
PhilosophyGilles DeleuzeMarxismGiorgio Agamben

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