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Interphase: Quiz


Question 1: The majority of ________ spend most of their time in interphase.

Question 2: In preparation for cell division it increases its size and number of organelles, and makes a copy of its ________.

Question 3: ________ and ova) for the purpose of sexual reproduction.

Question 4: Whereas diploid ________ (i.e.
EmbryoPubertyGerm cellCell (biology)

Question 5: Interphase is the phase of the ________ in which the cell spends the majority of its time and performs the majority of its purposes including preparation for cell division.
CDKN1BCyclinCyclin-dependent kinaseCell cycle

Question 6: Somatic cells, or normal ________ cells of the body, go through mitosis in order to reproduce themselves through cell division.

Question 7: In interphase, the cell gets itself ready for Mitosis or ________.
MeiosisChromosomeCell cycleCell division

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