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Internet standard: Quiz


Question 1: The most fundamental of the Standards are the ones defining the ________.
IPv4Transmission Control ProtocolIPsecInternet Protocol

Question 2: Internet Standards are created and published by the ________ (IETF).
Internet Architecture BoardInternet Engineering Steering GroupInternet Engineering Task ForceRequest for Comments

Question 3: RFC 5000 is the current ________ that specifies Internet Official Protocol Standards.
Internet Assigned Numbers AuthorityComputer networkRequest for CommentsARPANET

Question 4: An Internet Standard is a special ________ (RFC) or set of RFCs.
Internet Assigned Numbers AuthorityARPANETComputer networkRequest for Comments

Question 5: In computer network engineering, an Internet Standard (STD) is a normative specification of a technology or methodology applicable to the ________.
InternetInternet Relay ChatWorld Wide WebE-mail

Question 6: An RFC that is to become a Standard or part of a Standard begins as an Internet Draft, and is later (usually after several revisions) accepted and published by the ________ as a RFC and labeled a Proposed Standard.
Request for CommentsInternet Assigned Numbers AuthorityARPANETComputer network

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