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Internet censorship: Quiz


Question 1: India is also looking to block ________ due to the Mumbai attacks.
Google MapsYouTubeGoogle searchGoogle Earth

Question 2: The ________ appealed this as prior restraint on the right to link to and post documents, saying that citizen-journalists should have the same First Amendment rights as major media outlets.
Electronic Frontier FoundationFree Software FoundationDigital rights managementIntellectual property

Question 3: The regulator ACMA can order local sites which do not comply taken down, and overseas sites added to a ________ provided to makers of PC-based filtering software.
Dalton TrumboPhysicianHollywood blacklistBlacklist

Question 4: More recently, a government-sponsored report has considered establishing similar filtering in order to curb ________.
Online pokerOnline gambling888 HoldingsUnited States

Question 5: he justified this by stating the law was necessary to dissuade ________ from promoting disorder in Malaysia’s multi-ethnic society.
PermalinkBlogPolitical blogBlog software

Question 6: Burma has banned the websites of political opposition groups, sites relating to human rights, and organizations promoting ________ in Burma.
AuthoritarianismGottfried LeibnizJohn LockeDemocracy

Question 7: Pseudonymity and data havens (such as ________) allow unconditional free speech, as the technology guarantees that material cannot be removed and the author of any information is impossible to link to a physical identity or organization.
Ares GalaxyFreenetGNUnetGnutella

Question 8: Jo Glanville, editor of ________ observes that "censorship, for the first time in its history, is now a commercial enterprise".
Internet censorshipVáclav HavelIndex on CensorshipRohan Jayasekera (writer)

Question 9: ________ is not on RSF's internet enemy list and censorship is relatively light.
Saint HelenaJordanBarbadosZulu Kingdom

Question 10: Internet censorship is control or suppression of the publishing or accessing of information on the ________.
Internet Relay ChatInternetWorld Wide WebE-mail

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