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Question 1: 1953 marked the birth of complex airline reservation systems when American Airlines launched the SABRE (________) reservation system.
Delta Air LinesContinental AirlinesComputer reservations systemSabre (computer system)

Question 2: With the Super Passenger Name Record (Super ________) function an IBE offers the capability of booking non-air elements such as hotels, cars, holidays and insurance.
Information privacyData Protection DirectiveComputer reservations systemPassenger Name Record

Question 3: Next came DATAS by Delta, Apollo by ________ and PARS by Trans World Airlines.
American AirlinesDelta Air LinesContinental AirlinesUnited Airlines

Question 4: The E-ticket contains a ________ where the important information will be saved regarding the travel.
Passenger Name RecordInformation privacyComputer reservations systemData Protection Directive

Question 5: In 1946 ________ were the very first to come out with an automated booking system.
Continental AirlinesUS AirwaysUnited AirlinesAmerican Airlines

Question 6: The real value of an IBE is in the ________ and processes that package the content and provide the capability to shop and purchase.
Business rule miningBusiness ruleProject managementBusiness Process Modeling Notation

Question 7: These newly developed systems were called ________ (GDS).
Computer reservations systemNorthwest AirlinesUS AirwaysAmerican Airlines

Question 8: When shoppers enter their travel preferences the IBE contacts the GDS or ________ to receive the relevant information which is then shown to the user in an appropriate interface.
American AirlinesUS AirwaysNorthwest AirlinesComputer reservations system


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