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Question 1: [22] This is a strength in comparison to non-multicasting protocols such as Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) or ________ (XMPP).
Hypertext Transfer ProtocolInternet Relay ChatExtensible Messaging and Presence ProtocolSecure Shell

Question 2: Once established however, each message to multiple recipients is delivered by ________ which means each message travels a network link exactly once.
IP multicastIPTVMulticastContent delivery network

Question 3: freenode is quite popular with community based projects, especially ________ projects.
Free softwareAlternative terms for free softwareFree and open source softwareOpen-source software

Question 4: IRC still lacks a single globally accepted standard convention for how to transmit characters outside the 7-bit ________ repertoire.
Windows-1252ASCIIISO/IEC 8859-1Code page 437

Question 5: Web based clients include ________ and WebIRC.
Mozilla Application SuiteOpera (web browser)MibbitChatZilla

Question 6: One can join servers by clicking on an "irc://,#channel2,#channel3" ________.
HypermediaUniform Resource LocatorHyperlinkURI scheme

Question 7: A client called ERC, written entirely in ________ is included in v.22.3 of Emacs.
Lisp (programming language)Common LispPerlEmacs Lisp

Question 8: [citation needed] OS X can also run most Unix-like ________ and X11 IRC clients.
Windows PowerShellShell (computing)Command-line interpreterCommand-line interface

Question 9: Often users will group together to distribute ________ via a network of IRC bots.
Pirated movie release typesStandard (warez)WarezFile sharing

Question 10: 7-bit era: In the early days of IRC, especially among Scandinavian and ________ users, national variants of ISO 646 were the dominant character encodings.
Hungarian languageMari languageFinnish languageEstonian language

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