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Internet Protocol: Quiz


Question 1: Internet Protocol at the ________
Life (magazine)Jim BarksdaleOpen Directory ProjectTime Warner

Question 2: ip - the ip structure for the ________
D (programming language)C++C (programming language)Pointer (computing)

Question 3: ________ in the transmission path simply forward packets to next known local gateway matching the routing prefix for the destination address.
Internet Protocol SuiteComputer networkRouterIPsec

Question 4: Perhaps the most complex aspects of IP are ________ and routing.
IPv4IPv6IP addressClassless Inter-Domain Routing

Question 5: The Internet Protocol is one of the determining elements that define the ________.
World Wide WebInternet Relay ChatE-mailInternet

Question 6: IPv4 is described in RFC-791 (________).

Question 7: 340 ________, or 3.4×10 38 addresses).
GoogolLarge numbersHistory of large numbersNames of large numbers

Question 8: The model became known informally as TCP/IP, although formally it was henceforth referenced as the ________.
InternetworkingTCP/IP modelApplication LayerInternet Protocol Suite

Question 9: Version numbers 0 through 3 were development versions of IPv4 used between ________ and 1979.

Question 10: User Datagram Protocol (UDP) and ________ (ICMP) disregard MTU size thereby forcing IP to fragment oversized datagrams.
IPv4IPsecInternet Control Message ProtocolTelnet

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