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Question 1: Amongst other things, Apple agreed to bundle Internet Explorer with future versions of the Mac OS and make it the default browser instead of ________.
Internet Explorer 2Netscape (web browser)Netscape NavigatorInternet Explorer 3

Question 2:
What is Internet Explorer for Mac's current status?
discontinued in the Soviet Union,
Discontinued 1986.
Discontinued 2002.

Question 3:
What license is Internet Explorer for Mac distributed under?
based on Apache License 2.0
GNU General Public License, optional CC by-sa 2.0 for artwork
Proprietary, free versions available

Question 4:
What type of platform(s) does Internet Explorer for Mac have?
Single side

Question 5: At the same event, Apple announced the release of ________.
System 7MacintoshCopland (operating system)Mac OS 8

Question 6: Support for annotative glosses to Japanese ________ and Chinese characters (see furigana).
KanjiRadical 213Radical 102Radical 51

Question 7: The Windows version of ________ had been released a year earlier, but used the Trident layout engine.
Internet Explorer 5Internet Explorer 3Internet Explorer 4Internet Explorer for Mac

Question 8: This release added support for HTML version 3.2, ________, Java applets and ActiveX controls.
XHTMLDocument Object ModelCascading Style SheetsHTML5

Question 9: At the 1997 Macworld Expo in Boston, on August 6, Steve Jobs and ________ announced a partnership between Microsoft and Apple.
Berkshire HathawayDairy QueenBill GatesWarren Buffett

Question 10: Internet Explorer for Mac (also referred to as Internet Explorer for Macintosh, Internet Explorer Macintosh Edition, Internet Explorer:mac or IE:mac) was a proprietary web browser developed by Microsoft for the ________ platform.
Macintosh hardwarePower Macintosh G3MacintoshPowerBook

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