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International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems: Quiz


Question 1: Some countries have created their version of "ICD-10-AM" in 1998, and ________ introduced "ICD-10-CA" in 2000.
BarbadosCanadaUnited KingdomUnited States

Question 2: On 1 January 1999 the ICD-10 (without clinical extensions) was adopted for reporting mortality, but ICD-9-CM was still used for ________.

Question 3: ________, for diagnosis codes, is intended to replace volumes 1 and 2.
ICD-10 Procedure Coding SystemCenters for Medicare and Medicaid ServicesWorld Health OrganizationICD-10 Clinical Modification

Question 4: ICD-11 is planned for 2015 [1] and will be revised using ________ principles.
Dojo ToolkitAtom (standard)Hypertext Transfer ProtocolWeb 2.0

Question 5: ________
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental DisordersSchizophreniaBipolar disorderClassification of mental disorders

Question 6: In 1959, the ________ published The International Classification of Diseases, Adapted for Indexing of Hospital Records and Operation Classification (ICDA).
United States Public Health ServiceCenters for Medicare and Medicaid ServicesCenters for Disease Control and PreventionFood and Drug Administration (United States)

Question 7: National Center for Health Statistics as an extension of ICD-9 system so that it can be used to capture more ________ data and a section of procedure codes was added.

Question 8: ICD Homepage ________ (WHO)
SwitzerlandWorld Health OrganizationFood and Agriculture OrganizationUniversal Postal Union

Question 9: On August 21, 2008, the ________ (HHS) proposed new code sets to be used for reporting diagnoses and procedures on health care transactions.
United States Department of DefenseUnited States Department of Homeland SecurityUnited States Department of Health and Human ServicesUnited States Cabinet

Question 10: This has developed alongside the ________'s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and the two manuals seek to use the same codes.
American Psychiatric AssociationPsychotherapyAnti-psychiatryPsychiatry


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