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International Sikh Youth Federation: Quiz


Question 1: The ISYF was added to the ________ terrorism list on June 27, 2002.
Bureau of Engraving and PrintingUnited States Department of the TreasuryUnited States Secretary of the TreasuryInternal Revenue Service

Question 2: The Vancouver Sun reported in February 2008 that Dabinderjit Singh was campaigning to have both the ________ and International Sikh Youth Federation delisted as terrorist organizations.
Dashmesh RegimentLashkar-e-TaibaBabbar KhalsaKhalistan Commando Force

Question 3: ________, a member of the ISYF, was found guilty of manslaughter for making the bombs, and is the only individual convicted in these attacks as of 9 Feb 2009.
Talwinder Singh ParmarHardial Singh JohalAir India Flight 182Surjan Singh Gill

Question 4: Rode had arrived in the United Kingdom in August 1984 but, by December 1984, was expelled for publicly advocating violent methods in support of the ________.
Punjab (India)Khalistan movementDelhiSikh

Question 5: Lord Bassam of Brighton, then ________ minister, stated that ISYF members working from the UK had committed "assassinations, bombings and kidnappings" and were a "threat to national security."[10]
Department for Culture, Media and SportDepartment for Environment, Food and Rural AffairsHome OfficeDepartment for Transport

Question 6: [10][14] ________, reporting for The London Evening Standard, stated that the Sikh Federation (UK) is the "successor" of the ISYF, and that its executive committee, objectives, and senior members...
David Kelly (weapons expert)Hutton InquiryAndrew GilliganJoint Intelligence Committee (United Kingdom)

Question 7: There are allegations that the ISYF has long been supported by Pakistan's ________ organization.
Inter-Services IntelligenceResearch and Analysis WingSignals intelligenceCentral Intelligence Agency

Question 8: The International Sikh Youth Federation (ISYF) is banned under the ________,[1][2][3] Indian,[2] Canadian[2][4] and US[5] terrorism legislations.
United KingdomWalesAustraliaEngland

Question 9: [8] The organization has also collaborated and associated with other Sikh terrorist organizations, including ________,[4] the Khalistan Liberation Force,[8] and Khalistan Commando Force.
Dashmesh RegimentInternational Sikh Youth FederationBabbar KhalsaLashkar-e-Taiba


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