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International Plant Names Index: Quiz


Question 1:
What entity owns International Plant Names Index?
Bisbee Radio Project Inc.
Genesis Appalachian Project, Inc.
Mid-Coast Radio Project, Inc.
Plant Names Project

Question 2: Coverage is best at the rank of species and ________ (see e.g. IK).
LifeGenusClass (biology)Biological classification

Question 3:
What type is thing is International Plant Names Index?
Education, Information database, News archive, Message board
Online Japanese movie, databases
Icon and GUI customization database

Question 4: A similar project, which lists names of ________, is the Index Fungorum.

Question 5: The International Plant Names Index (IPNI) is a ________ of botanical names.
Database modelDatabaseRelational modelSQL

Question 6: It indexes names of seed plants, ________ and "fern allies".
GymnospermFlowering plantFernEmbryophyte

Question 7: IPNI is the product of a collaboration between The ________ (Index Kewensis), The Harvard University Herbaria (Gray Herbarium Index), and the Australian National Herbarium (APNI).
Bushy ParkRoyal Botanic Gardens, KewWWT London Wetland CentreRichmond Green


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