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Question 1:
What is the currency of International Monetary Fund?

Question 2:
Where are the headquarters of International Monetary Fund?

Question 3: As such, adherents of ________ generally find themselves in open disagreement with the IMF.
Keynesian economicsCapitalismLaissez-faireSupply-side economics

Question 4:
Who of the following has been president of International Monetary Fund?

Question 5:
  • the ________ for the Eurozone – SDDS
    European Central BankEuropean UnionEconomic and Financial Affairs CouncilEuro Group

Question 6: Secondly they link higher taxes under "austerity programmes" with ________.
Business cycleKeynesian economicsRecessionInflation

Question 7: Thus, the ________ are at least ostensibly intended to ensure that the IMF is actually helping to prevent financial crises rather than merely funding financial recklessness.
Washington ConsensusInternational Monetary FundStructural adjustmentWorld Bank

Question 8: For example, in April 2007, the president of ________, Rafael Correa announced the expulsion of the World Bank representative in the country.

Question 9: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy by ________ (2002)
United Kingdom2004 United States election voting controversiesJohn KerryGreg Palast

Question 10: EU ministers agreed on the candidacy of ________ as managing director of the IMF at the Economic and Financial Affairs Council meeting in Brussels on July 10, 2007.
French presidential election, 2007Dominique Strauss-KahnJacques ChiracNicolas Sarkozy


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