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International Civil Aviation Organization airport code: Quiz


Question 1: These codes are defined by the ________, and published in ICAO Document 7910: Location Indicators.
OneworldInternational Civil Aviation OrganizationAirportAir traffic control

Question 2: ZZZZ is a special code which is used when no ICAO code exists for the airport and is normally used in ________.
Instrument flight rulesStandard Instrument DepartureFlight planFlight planning

Question 3: Using the earlier example as Heathrow airport, if one knows that the ICAO code for Heathrow is EGLL, then one can deduce that the airport EGNH is somewhere in the UK (it is ________).
Edinburgh AirportBirmingham International Airport, West MidlandsCardiff AirportBlackpool International Airport

Question 4: The ICAO codes are used by ________ and airline operations such as flight planning.
OneworldAir traffic controlStar AllianceAirport

Question 5: In the contiguous United States and ________, most, but not all, airports have been assigned three-letter IATA codes which are the same as their ICAO code without the leading K or C.
United KingdomCanadaBelizeBarbados

Question 6: e.g., YYC and CYYC (________, Calgary, Alberta), IAD and KIAD (Washington Dulles International Airport, Chantilly, Virginia).
Calgary International AirportVancouver International AirportToronto Pearson International AirportEdmonton International Airport

Question 7: These codes are not to be confused with radio or television ________, even though both countries use four-letter call signs starting with those letters.
Call signAustraliaUnited StatesMarconi Station

Question 8: For example, travellers who use ________'s Heathrow Airport will most likely be familiar with its IATA code: LHR.

Question 9: For example, ________ (PHTO vs ITO) and Juneau International Airport (PAJN vs JNU).
Kahului AirportHonolulu International AirportHilo International AirportKona International Airport


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