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Question 1: Alternatively ________ technology may come to deliver its promise and the use of the internal combustion engines could even be phased out.
Zinc-air batteryLead-acid batteryFuel cellFlow battery

Question 2: The 'Hydrogen on Demand' process (see direct borohydride fuel cell) creates hydrogen as it is needed, but has other issues such as the high price of the ________ which is the raw material.
Sodium chlorideSodium azideSodium hydroxideSodium borohydride

Question 3: This is normally achieved by the use of a centrifugal pump powered by a gas turbine - a configuration known as a ________, but it can also be pressure fed.
RamjetWernher von BraunTurbopumpBoiler

Question 4: Further chemicals released are benzene and ________ that are also particularly harmful; and not all of the fuel burns up completely, so carbon monoxide (CO) is also produced.

Question 5: The most comprehensive is the empirical ________ of the total engine system for accomplishing a desired task; for example, the miles per gallon accumulated.
Alternative fuel vehicleInternal combustion engineGasolineFuel efficiency

Question 6: ________ Usually have one to four cylinders and can be both 2 stroke or 4 stroke, normally in the in-line configuration however there are again some novelties that exist with V-4 Engines
AlaskaSnowmobileBombardier Recreational ProductsAutomobile

Question 7: Gasoline engines are used in most other road vehicles including most cars, motorcycles, and ________.

Question 8: These attempts at imitating the principle of a ________ were very inefficient.
Stirling engineReciprocating engineHeat engineSteam engine

Question 9: Combustion propagation by a shock wave is called detonation and, in engines, is also known as pinging or ________.
Engine knockingDiesel engineFour-stroke engineInternal combustion engine

Question 10: The applications of engines are used as contributed drag on the total system reducing overall efficiency, such as ________ designs for vehicles.
Drag (physics)Fluid dynamicsDrag equationD'Alembert's paradox


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