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Interleukin 2: Quiz


Question 1: On the other hand, IL-15 is necessary for maintaining highly specific ________ responses by supporting survival of CD8 memory T cells.
T helper cellCytotoxic T cellRegulatory T cellT cell

Question 2: IL-2 mediates its effects by binding to ________, which are expressed by lymphocytes, the cells that are responsible for immunity.
CD64 (biology)Common gamma chainCD117IL-2 receptor

Question 3: A recombinant form of IL-2 for clinical use is manufactured by ________ with the brand name Proleukin.
Chiron CorporationEmeryville, CaliforniaNovartisBayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals

Question 4: [5] IL-2 was also the first cytokine shown to mediate its effects via a specific ________,[6] and it was also the first interleukin to be cloned and expressed from a complementary DNA (cDNA) library.
CD64 (biology)IL-2 receptorCommon gamma chainCD117

Question 5: IL-2 signals through a receptor complex consisting of IL-2 specific IL-2 receptor alpha (CD25), IL-2 receptor beta (________) and a common gamma chain (γc), which is shared by all members of this family of cytokines.
CD64 (biology)IL-2 receptorCD117CD32

Question 6: It was designated number 2 because Smith's data at the time indicated that IL-1, produced by ________, facilitates IL-2 production by T lymphocytes (T cells).
MacrophageMonocyteWhite blood cellPhagocyte


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