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Question 1: Intergovernmental organizations in a legal sense should be distinguished from simple groupings or coalitions of states, such as the ________ or the Quartet.
G834th G8 summit32nd G8 summit35th G8 summit

Question 2: IGOs are established by ________ that acts as a charter creating the group.
TreatyEuropean UnionKyoto ProtocolEurope

Question 3: 1) Loss of ________: Membership often comes with a loss of state sovereignty as treaties are signed which require cooperation on the part of all member states.

Question 4: For example, Mexican companies are given better access to ________ markets due to their membership.
PhilippinesUnited StatesAlaskaCanada

Question 5: International cartels, such as the ________ (OPEC), also exist.
History of petroleum2000s energy crisisOPECPeak oil

Question 6: Regional organizations - open to members from a particular region(-s) or ________(-s) of the world.
ContinentAsiaEuropeNorth America

Question 7: Some IGOs developed to fulfill a need for a neutral forum for debate or ________ to resolve disputes.
NegotiationArbitrationConflict resolutionMediation

Question 8: Examples include the ________, La Francophonie, Community of Portuguese Language Countries, Latin Union, or Organisation of the Islamic Conference
Commonwealth GamesCommonwealth realmCommonwealth of NationsUnited Kingdom

Question 9: Among the first were the Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine, initiated in the aftermath of the ________, and the future International Telegraph Union, which was founded by the signing of the International Telegraph Convention by 20 countries in May 1865.
Grande ArméeFirst French EmpireNapoleonic WarsNapoleon I

Question 10: This category includes the United Nations (UN) and its specialized agencies, the Universal Postal Union, Interpol, the World Trade Organization (WTO), and the ________ (IMF).
World Bank GroupBretton Woods systemBasel Committee on Banking SupervisionInternational Monetary Fund


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