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Question 1: There are markets for investments (which include the money market, bond market, as well as retail financial institutions like banks) set ________.
Interest rateDebtCentral bankMoney supply

Question 2: Since the lender is deferring his consumption, he will at a bare minimum, want to recover enough to pay the increased cost of goods due to ________.
InflationKeynesian economicsMoneyEconomics

Question 3: Economically, the ________ is the cost of capital and is subject to the laws of supply and demand of the money supply.
Interest rateCredit (finance)Central bankDebt

Question 4: The PMT function found in ________ programs can be used to calculate the monthly payment of a loan: CalcMicrosoft ExcelGnumeric

Question 5: In ancient biblical Israel, it was against the Law of Moses to charge interest on private loans[3].During the ________, time was considered to be property of God.
Middle AgesHigh Middle AgesLate Middle AgesEarly Middle Ages

Question 6: To take into account the ________ aforementioned, both the value of inflation and the real price of money are changed to their expected values resulting in the following equation:
Contract theoryInformation economicsInformation asymmetryEconomics

Question 7: See the discussion at ________.
DeflationInflationReal interest rateBusiness cycle

Question 8: The first formal studies of interest rates and their impact on society were conducted by ________, Jeremy Bentham and Mirabeau during the birth of classic economic thought.
Adam SmithGottfried LeibnizDavid HumeImmanuel Kant

Question 9: Interest is a ________ paid on borrowed assets.
FeeInsuranceCredit cardAtlanta metropolitan area

Question 10: One example are points on a ________ in the United States.
Bond (finance)Mortgage loanCentral bankCommercial mortgage

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