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Intercultural competence: Quiz


Question 1: ________ (understanding feelings and needs of other people), and

Question 2:
Intercultural competence, Population and Sociology are all:
Human communication Sociology Etiquette Cultural geography

Question 3: basic personality, value orientation, experience of time and space, selective perception, ________, patterns of behavior
Nonverbal communicationMetacommunicative competenceLinguisticsParalanguage

Question 4: ________ (about other cultures, people, nations, behaviors…),

Question 5: Cultures can be different not only between ________ or nations, but also within the same company or even family.
North AmericaEuropeAsiaContinent

Question 6:
Intercultural competence, Globalization and Civilization are all:
Etiquette Human communication Sociology Cultural geography

Question 7: Punctuality is very highly regarded in many developed nations, such as (perhaps infamously) ________, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Question 8:
Intercultural competence, Acculturation and Frankfurt School are all:
Cultural geography Human communication Cultural studies Etiquette

Question 9: Showing the thumb held upwards in certain parts of the world means "everything's ok", while it is understood in some Islamic countries (as well as ________) as a rude sexual sign.

Question 10: Earlier experiences are considered, free from prejudices; there is an interest and motivation to continue ________.


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