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Intendant: Quiz


Question 1: Each of the administrative regions of ________ is headed by an intendant, appointed by the president.

Question 2: As a result of the Seven Years' War an intendancy was set up in ________ in 1764.

Question 3: For much of its history, the chief magistrate of the city of ________ was the Intendant of the City, roughly corresponding to a mayor.
North Charleston, South CarolinaFlorence, South CarolinaCharleston, South CarolinaColumbia, South Carolina

Question 4: Each of Argentina's provinces is divided into departamentos (departments) or partidos (as they are known in the ________), comprising several cities, towns and surrounding countryside.
Merlo PartidoBuenos Aires ProvinceBahía BlancaLa Plata

Question 5: He was responsible for ________ and saltpeter, the road network and the postal service.
CannonEarly Modern warfareEnglandGunpowder

Question 6: In ________ intendant is an archaic title meaning "supervisor" or "curator".
WalesScotlandEnglandUnited Kingdom

Question 7: The first one was set up in Sonora and ________ four years later.

Question 8: Jean Baptiste Antoine Auget de Montyon in ________

Question 9: Until 1996, the government of the city of ________ was presided by an intendente who was directly appointed and removed by the President of Argentina.
Buenos Aires Central Business DistrictSan TelmoBuenos AiresPalermo, Buenos Aires

Question 10: The mirror universe version of Kira Nerys held the position of Intendant of ________.

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