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Question 1: The controller was ranked the fourth worst video game controller by ________ editor Craig Harris.

Question 2: The Intellivision is a video game console released by ________ in 1979.
Target CorporationNintendoMattelUno (card game)

Question 3: ________ published Ken Uston's Guide to Buying and Beating the Home Video Games in 1982 as a guide to potential buyers of console systems/cartridges, as well as a brief strategy guide to numerous cartridge games then in existence.
Pac-ManClevelandKen UstonApple II series

Question 4: The word intellivision is a ________ of "intelligent television".
PortmanteauBlendHumpty DumptySupercouple

Question 5: A small number of licensed Intellivision games are available through the ________ subscription gaming service.
Adult Swim VideoGameTapAdult SwimToonami Jetstream

Question 6:
Which of the following media formats has Intellivision been available in?

Question 7: Intellivision can be considered the first 16-bit game console, as the registers in the ________, where the mathematical logic is processed, are 16 bits wide.
Reduced instruction set computerMicroprocessorCentral processing unit64-bit

Question 8: These models include the Radio Shack TandyVision, the ________-Sylvania Intellivision, and the Sears Super Video Arcade.
Diamond State TelephoneVerizon CommunicationsC&P TelephoneGTE

Question 9: A series of ads featuring ________ was produced that mercilessly attacked the Atari 2600's lesser capabilities with side-by-side game comparisons.
New YorkUnited StatesGeorge PlimptonHarvard University

Question 10: The Sears model was a specific coup for Mattel, as Sears was already selling a rebadged ________ unit, and in doing so made a big contribution to Atari's success.
Atari 5200Atari 7800Atari 2800Atari 2600

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