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Question 1: Ironically, this theory was put forth by the representatives of intelligentsia itself, notably Vladimir Lenin and ________ among many others.
Vyacheslav MolotovLeon TrotskyEduard ShevardnadzeChristian Rakovsky

Question 2: While ________ being an exploited category, en masse it lacks the revolutionary drive.
De factoMoroccoUnited KingdomUnited States

Question 3: Members of the intelligentsia were well aware of their social status and of their duties, of which working for the country and ________ were considered the most important.
PatriotismItalyUnited StatesSpain

Question 4: Initially the term was applied mostly in the context of ________ and later Soviet Union, and had a narrower meaning based on a self-definition of a certain category of intellectuals.
RussiaRussian cultureMoscowUnited States

Question 5: ________ considered intelligentsia to be a major category essentially distinct from other social categories, both in terms of attributes and interests.
Max WeberAustrian SchoolKarl MarxSocialism

Question 6: The distinction was based on the economic and cultural situation of intellectuals in these countries and is different from that in Western Europe or ________.
Americas (terminology)AmericasNorth AmericaSouth America

Question 7: Examples are the philosopher-kings and guardians of ________'s Republic and monks in medieval Europe, who are now seen as custodians of history and culture.
PlatoImmanuel KantAristotleBertrand Russell

Question 8: Use of the term "intelligentsia" is first reported to have occurred in the ________ in the first half of the 19th century.
Golden HordeRussian EmpireBritish EmpireOttoman Empire


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