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Question 1:
Which of the following titles did Integer have?
Cleveland Browns first round draft pick
Royal Navy Receiving Ship in Hong Kong
The Day After Trinity

Question 2: On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences cf ________
Fibonacci numberPrime numberEgyptian fractionOn-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences

Question 3: In contrast, theoretical models of digital computers, such as ________, typically do not have infinite (but only unbounded finite) capacity.
Finite-state machineTuring machineAutomata theoryContext-free grammar

Question 4: To confirm our expectation that 1 − 2 and 4 − 5 denote the same number, we define an ________ ~ on these pairs with the following rule:
Group (mathematics)Binary relationEquivalence relationGroup action

Question 5: In the language of abstract algebra, the first five properties listed above for addition say that Z under addition is an ________.
Simple groupGroup (mathematics)Group homomorphismAbelian group

Question 6: This is readily demonstrated by the construction of a bijection, that is, a function that is ________ and surjective from Z to N.
Function (mathematics)Surjective functionInverse functionInjective function

Question 7: The integers are the only integral domain whose positive elements are well-ordered, and in which order is preserved by ________.
Algebraic structureAddition0 (number)Vector space

Question 8: Adding the last property says that Z is an ________.
Commutative ringField (mathematics)Integral domainPrime number

Question 9: The integers (with addition as operation) form the smallest group containing the additive monoid of the ________.
Cardinal numberReal numberOrdinal numberNatural number

Question 10: This is the basis for the ________ for computing greatest common divisors.
General number field sieveEuclidean algorithmExtended Euclidean algorithmPrimality test

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