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Question 1: Instrument amplifiers are designed for a different purpose than 'Hi-Fi' (high fidelity) ________ amplifiers used for radios and home stereo systems.
Stereophonic soundFM broadcastingMultichannel television soundSound recording and reproduction

Question 2: There are also an increasing range of products that use ________ and digital modeling technology to simulate many different combinations of amp and cabinets.
Digital signal processingDiscrete Fourier transformZ-transformNyquist–Shannon sampling theorem

Question 3: Instrument amplifiers may be based on ________ ("tube" or "valve") or solid state (transistor) technology.
Work functionVacuum tubeDiodeThermionic emission

Question 4: In some genres, such as ________, for example, keyboardists may perform with several synthesizers, electric pianos, and electro-mechanical keyboards.
Music industryProgressive rockRecord producerRock music

Question 5: Bass players who play styles of music that require an extended low-range response, such as ________, sometimes use speaker cabinets with 18" speakers.
Heavy metal subgenresBlack metalDeath metalHeavy metal music

Question 6: Acoustic amplifiers typically aim for a relatively flat response across the entire frequency range, much like a ________.
Sound reinforcement systemInstrument amplifierPublic addressEqualization

Question 7: The two exceptions are keyboard amplifiers and acoustic amplifiers which are used by folk and bluegrass musicians for amplifying acoustic instruments such as acoustic guitar, violin, and ________.

Question 8: In 1969 ________ used four stacks to create a powerful lead sound, and in the early 1970s by the band Blue Öyster Cult used an entire wall of Marshall Amplifiers to create a roaring wall of sound.
Hey JoeHistoric Performances Recorded at the Monterey International Pop FestivalJimi HendrixThe Jimi Hendrix Experience

Question 9: As well, these amplifiers often contain ________-suppressing devices, such as notch filters or parametric equalizers.
Control theoryPositive feedbackCyberneticsFeedback

Question 10: While many of the most expensive, high-end models use ________, there also many models that use transistor amplifiers, or a mixture of the two technologies (i.e., a tube preamplifier with a transistor power amplifier).
Valve amplifierElectronic amplifierValve RF amplifierVacuum tube


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