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Instant messaging: Quiz


Question 1: For example, users can see each other by using webcams, or talk directly for free over the ________ using a microphone and headphones (or speakers).
InternetE-mailInternet Relay ChatWorld Wide Web

Question 2: [12] The better-known of these include the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, ________, and SEC 17a-3.
Long term care insuranceAccidental death and dismemberment insuranceHealth insuranceHealth Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

Question 3: ________ later acquired Mirabilis, the creators of ICQ; a few years later ICQ (now owned by AOL) was awarded two patents for instant messaging by the U.S.
AOLUnited StatesNetscapeJapan

Question 4: These enterprise applications, or ________ (EAI), are built to certain constraints, namely storing data in a common format.
Apache ServiceMixService-oriented architectureMiddlewareEnterprise application integration

Question 5: For example many software companies use ________ in administration departments but have software developers who use Linux.
Windows XP editionsMicrosoft WindowsWindows XPWindows Vista

Question 6: The text is conveyed via devices connected over a network, such as the ________.
Internet Relay ChatWorld Wide WebInternetE-mail

Question 7: The term "instant messenger" is a service mark of Time Warner[4] and may not be used in software not affiliated with AOL in the ________.
PhilippinesUnited StatesCanadaAlaska

Question 8: Current leading EIM platforms include IBM Lotus Sametime, ________, and Jabber XCP.
Microsoft Office Communications ServerMicrosoft Office 2010Microsoft Office 2007Microsoft Office Live

Question 9: ________ has also jumped into the market recently with its Oracle Beehive unified collaboration software[7].
Intel CorporationGoogleDellOracle Corporation

Question 10: Most attempts at creating a unified standard for the major IM providers (AOL, Yahoo! and ________) have failed, and each continues to use its own proprietary protocol.
Microsoft WindowsMicrosoftInternet ExplorerMicrosoft Office

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