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Question 1: The first known use of IRV in a governmental election was in 1893 in an election for the colonial government of ________, in Australia.
South AustraliaQueenslandNew South WalesNorthern Territory

Question 2: Many backers of ________ voting methods in Canada [67] and the United Kingdom [68] do not support instant runoff voting for legislative elections.
D'Hondt methodUnited StatesCyprusProportional representation

Question 3: In this system—one familiar to fans of the television show ________ -- only one candidate is eliminated after each round, and many rounds of voting are used, rather than just two.
American IdolAmerican Idol ExtraAmerican Idol (season 6)American Idol (season 8)

Question 4: Under the variant used in ________, called the supplementary vote, voters are only permitted to express a first and a second preference.

Question 5: In 2006 the city of Burlington, ________ held a mayoral election using instant runoff voting.
MassachusettsMaineVermontNew Hampshire

Question 6: [4 ] IRV is employed by several jurisdictions in the United States, including San Francisco and Oakland in ________ and Minneapolis and St.

Question 7: IRV has been used for national elections for several decades in such nations as ________ and the Republic of Ireland, and forms of it have been adopted for other significant public elections such as London and Wellington, New Zealand.
CanadaAustraliaBarbadosUnited Kingdom

Question 8: In elections such as those for the ________ and the New South Wales Legislative Assembly, voters are permitted to rank as many or as few candidates as they wish.
Monarchy of the United KingdomPresident of FinlandPresident of IrelandPresident of Austria

Question 9: It is used to elect some mayors in ________, including in Wellington.
United KingdomAustraliaNauruNew Zealand

Question 10: ________ (NOTA) or Re-Open Nominations (RON)
Tactical votingNone of the aboveAbstentionVoter turnout

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