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Question 1: Insectivory also features to various degrees amongst primates, such as marmosets and tamarins, [1] and indeed there is some suggestion that the earliest primates were nocturnal, ________ insectivores.
ColugoArboreal locomotionGaitBrachiation

Question 2: These generally grow in soils poor in ________, which they obtain by trapping insects.

Question 3: In ________ pastures, for example, it is normal to have a greater total weight of Scarabaeidae larvae under the surface than of the beef cattle grazing above it.
New South WalesQueenslandAustraliaNorthern Territory

Question 4: An insectivore is a type of carnivore with a diet that consists chiefly of ________ and similar small creatures.

Question 5: Examples of insectivores include nightingales, aardwolfs, echidnas, swallows, anteaters, carp, frogs, lizards, ________, and spiders.
MammalEven-toed ungulateBatPrimate

Question 6: A great many creatures depend on insects as their primary diet, and many that do not (and are thus not technically insectivores) nevertheless use insects as a ________ supplement, particularly when they are breeding.

Question 7: Insects also can be insectivores; examples are ________, hornets, ladybugs, and praying mantises.
DragonflyEuropean honey beeOdonataBee

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