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Question 1: In ________, sound is transmitted to the inner ear by the stapes bone of the middle ear.

Question 2: Interference with or infection of the labyrinth can result in a syndrome of ailments called ________.

Question 3:
How do you write Inner ear in latin?
pars petrosa arteriae carotidis internae
v. iliaca interna, v. hypogastrica
auris interna
pars cavernosa arteriae carotidis internae

Question 4: It uses the same kinds of fluids and detection cells (________) as the cochlea uses, and sends information to the brain about the attitude, rotation, and linear motion of the head.
Alpha motor neuronHair cellWhite matterGrey matter

Question 5: The organ of Corti also has a more complex structure in mammals than it does in other ________.

Question 6: Labyrinthitis can be caused by viral infections, bacterial infections, physical blockage of the inner ear, or due to ________.
BarotraumaAir embolismOxygen toxicityDecompression sickness

Question 7: The primitive lampreys and ________, however, have a simpler system.

Question 8: The arrangement of the inner ear in living ________ is, in most respects, similar to that of reptiles.

Question 9: ________ • Vestibular aqueduct • Canalis reuniens
Basilar membraneRound windowInner earOtolith

Question 10: In birds, crocodilians, and ________, the ducts are simply extended, together forming an elongated, more or less straight, tube.

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