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Question 1: The Inns of Court in London were originally ordinary inns where barristers met to do business, but have become institutions of the legal profession in ________ and Wales.
EnglandUnited KingdomScotlandBritish people

Question 2: Found in ________, they possibly first sprang up when the Romans built their system of Roman roads two millennia ago.
Eastern EuropeEuropeWestern EuropeBalkans

Question 3: Inns are generally establishments or buildings where travelers can seek lodging and, usually, ________ and drink.
FoodCookingMedieval cuisineMeat

Question 4: In Europe, it is the provision of accommodation, if anything, that now differentiates inns from taverns, ________ and pubs.
Alcoholic beveragePublic houseBar (establishment)Beer

Question 5: In addition to providing for the needs of travellers, inns traditionally acted as ________ gathering places.
Social networkSocial stratificationSociologyCommunity

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