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Question 1: ________ $17.9B in 2008
Credit cardAmerican ExpressVisa Inc.MasterCard

Question 2: Upon selling the shares, the ________ keep a commission based on a percentage of the value of the shares sold (called the gross spread).
Commercial bankInitial public offeringInsuranceUnderwriting

Question 3: In an IPO the issuer may obtain the assistance of an ________ firm, which helps it determine what type of security to issue (common or preferred), best offering price and time to bring it to market.
InsuranceUnderwritingCommercial bankInitial public offering

Question 4: Initial founders could often become overnight ________, and due to generous stock options, employees could make a great deal of money as well.
HawaiiMillionaireUnited StatesAmerican upper class

Question 5: In the ________, during the dot-com bubble of the late 1990s, many venture capital driven companies were started, and seeking to cash in on the bull market, quickly offered IPOs.
CanadaAlaskaUnited StatesPhilippines

Question 6: Investors sought to get in at the ground-level of the next potential ________ and Netscape.
Microsoft OfficeMicrosoft WindowsInternet ExplorerMicrosoft

Question 7: IPOs generally involve one or more ________ as "underwriters." The company offering its shares, called the "issuer," enters a contract with a lead underwriter to sell its shares to the public.
Bond (finance)Corporate financePrivate equityInvestment banking

Question 8: Though not the first company to use Dutch auction, ________ is one established company that went public through the use of auction.
Google LatitudeGoogle VariationsAndroid (operating system)Google

Question 9: Through ________, this can lead to significant gains for investors who have been allocated shares of the IPO at the offering price.
FlippingReal estateUnited KingdomUnited States housing bubble

Question 10: The process of determining an optimal price usually involves the ________ ("syndicate") arranging share purchase commitments from leading institutional investors.
Initial public offeringCommercial bankUnderwritingInsurance


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