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Inigo Montoya: Quiz


Question 1: When a nobleman, with a six-fingered right hand, ________, asked him to forge a sword to accommodate his unusual grip, Domingo poured his heart and soul into the project.
The Princess Bride (film)NovelWilliam GoldmanThe Princess Bride

Question 2: In both the book and the movie, he resided in the fictional country of Florin but came from ________.

Question 3: Prepare to die." When he finally confronts Rugen, he repeats the line throughout the ________.
HawaiiLouisianaDuelUnited States

Question 4: In Rob Reiner's 1987 film adaptation he was portrayed by ________.
Michael JeterGeorge HearnKevin KlineMandy Patinkin

Question 5: Inigo Montoya is a character in William Goldman's 1973 novel ________.
C. S. LewisThe Princess Bride (film)The Princess BrideThe Space Trilogy

Question 6: Unable to find his father's killer and fearing that he would never fulfill his quest, Inigo sinks into depression and ________ before the criminal Vizzini finds him.
AlcoholismAddictionBenzodiazepineDrug addiction


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