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Inhumanoids: Quiz


Question 1: D'Compose uses his powers of decay to transform the teenage crowd into rampaging ________ who proceed to terrorize the city.
I Am Legend (film)ZombieZombie apocalypseLiving Dead

Question 2: The incident further initiates a chain reaction which threatens to pull Earth's deadly ________ down to the surface of the planet.
MagnetosphereGeomagnetic stormVan Allen radiation beltAurora (astronomy)

Question 3: Famous chessmaster and Colonel in the ________ army, Anatoly Kiev led a counterstrike against the Inhumanoids when they attacked a Soviet air base not long after they were first released.
Joseph StalinSoviet UnionEast GermanyRussia

Question 4: A brutish blue-skinned ________ whose singular desire is to feed, the origins of this cyclops creature are somewhat obscure.
Terrestrial locomotionBipedalismGaitQuadrupedalism

Question 5: From his hospital bed, recovering Air Force pilot Brad Armbruster recounts how his plane was downed by the serpentine monster, Sslither, in the skies over ________.
Ashoka the GreatAngkor WatBuddhist artThai temple art and architecture

Question 6: Tendril is an H. P. Lovecraft-influenced character resembling ________.
Cthulhu MythosCthulhuThe Dunwich HorrorCthulhu Mythos arcane literature

Question 7: Hector Ramirez is the Sunbow universe's parody of Geraldo Rivera, and has, in his illustrious career, encountered ________, Jem and the Holograms and possibly the Transformers.
G.I. Joe (comics)G.I. Joe: Sigma 6Cobra CommanderG.I. Joe

Question 8: Inhumanoids (the series) at the ________
Box Office MojoAmazon.comCDNOWInternet Movie Database

Question 9: ________ produced a short-lived Inhumanoids comic book under its Star Comics imprint in 1987, adapting the storyline of "The Evil That Lies Within".
Marvel StudiosMarvel ComicsMarvel EntertainmentMarvel Animation

Question 10: The series ended after only 4 issues and left readers with the ________ of Metlar's escape from captivity and Sandra Shore's transformation into an undead minion of D'Compose.
One Thousand and One NightsCliffhangerSoap operaTwin Peaks

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