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Ingredients of cosmetics: Quiz


Question 1: It namely includes new rules concerning the use of ________ in cosmetics and includes stricter rules on animal testing of cosmetics[15].
NanomaterialsNanoparticleSol-gelCeramic engineering

Question 2: ________ often use vibrant colours that are derived from some unexpected sources, ranging from crushed insects to rust.
NiveaL'OréalCosmeticsHair removal

Question 3: The ________ brought alcohol-based perfumes back to Europe from the Middle East in the 13th Century.
Counter-ReformationFirst seven Ecumenical CouncilsCrusadesEast–West Schism

Question 4: The most usual source of pearlescence is the natural mineral ________ covered by a thin layer of titanium dioxide.
MicaSerpentine groupBiotiteMuscovite

Question 5: ________ quickly became the European centre of perfume and cosmetic manufacture, cultivating vast amounts of flowers for their essence.
ItalyFranceCanadaUnited Kingdom

Question 6: Both of the raw ingredients and distillation technology significantly influenced western perfumery and scientific developments, particularly ________.
ChemistryElectrochemistryPeriodic tableInorganic chemistry

Question 7: The original active ingredient of antiperspirants was ________ but complaints of skin irritation led to the increased use of aluminium chlorohydrate as an alternative.
Aluminium sulfateAluminium oxideAluminium chlorideAluminium bromide

Question 8: Cosmetic colourants are highly regulated and also used as ________.
E numberFood additiveFood chemistryFood coloring

Question 9: In one well-known case, ________ was originally cast as the "Tin Man" in the The Wizard of Oz.
The Beverly HillbilliesJudy GarlandBus Stop (TV series)Buddy Ebsen

Question 10: [7] Aluminium has been established as a neurotoxin and has been shown to adversely affect the blood-brain barrier, cause ________ damage, and have adverse epigenetic effects.


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