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Infusion: Quiz


Question 1: Many other drinks (________) are prepared in this way.
HerbalismHerbal teaCannabisGinger

Question 2: Plants with desirable flavours may be steeped in an ________ or vinegar for an extended period; the infused oil or vinegar is often sold still containing the plant, and is then used as flavouring.
SoybeanMargarineOlive oilCooking oil

Question 3: There can be ambiguity: for example, what is described as sesame oil may be oil extracted from sesame ________, or an inferior quality vegetable oil infused with sesame.
SeedFlowering plantPlantFruit

Question 4: An infusion is the outcome of steeping plants with a desired flavour in ________ or oil.
EarthWaterWater resourcesOxygen

Question 5: Infusions of this type are sometimes drunk for pleasure; others are claimed to be advantageous for ________.
HealthMedicineNutritionHealth science

Question 6: Lemon, chamomile, senna, apple, ginger, ________, and a great many other plants are used individually or in combination.
Herbal teaCannabisHerbalismRooibos

Question 7: ________ and herb-infused oils are prepared with dried or fresh herbs, flowers or berries, infused in oil or water.
GinsengDietary fiberWolfberryHerbalism

Question 8: The first recorded use of essential oils was in the 10th or 11th century by the Persian polymath ________, possibly in the Canon of Medicine.

Question 9: The herb/________ is then removed from the oil and the oil is used in herbalism in those preparations that require short-term infused oils.


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