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Question 1: Major ________ systems (dikes, levees, major pumping stations and floodgates)
1997 Red River FloodDamFlood controlWinnipeg

Question 2: In subsequent years, the word has grown in popularity and been applied with increasing generality to suggest the internal framework discernible in any technology system or ________.
Companies lawBusiness judgment ruleUltra viresCorporate law

Question 3: Similarly, an on-line booking system might be critical infrastructure for an ________.
American AirlinesNorthwest AirlinesContinental AirlinesAirline

Question 4: [2] The term typically refers to the technical structures that support a society, such as roads, water supply, sewers, ________, telecommunications, and so forth.
Electricity distributionElectricity pylonElectric power transmissionHigh-voltage direct current

Question 5: Viewed functionally, infrastructure facilitates the production of goods and services; for example, roads enable the transport of raw materials to a ________, and also for the distribution of finished products to markets.
ManchesterBirminghamFactoryIndustrial Revolution

Question 6: Following the global financial crisis of 2008–2009, some are again proposing investing in infrastructure as a means of stimulating the economy (see the ________)
Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008Economic Stimulus Act of 2008American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009Public Law 110-343

Question 7:
  • Perform a detailed ________ of the construction site;
    SurveyingCivil engineeringDamInventions in medieval Islam

Question 8: John Loudon McAdam (1756–1836) designed the first modern highways, and developed an inexpensive paving material of soil and stone aggregate (known as ________).

Question 9: Canals: In Europe, particularly Britain and Ireland, and then in the young United States and the Canadian colonies, inland canals preceded the development of railroads during the earliest phase of the ________.
Textile manufacture during the Industrial RevolutionThomas HighsWilliam RadcliffeIndustrial Revolution

Question 10: Major irrigation systems (reservoirs, irrigation ________)
CanalLock (water transport)InfrastructureLevee


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