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Information graphics: Quiz


Question 1: A statistician and sculptor, ________ has written a series of highly regarded books on the subject of information graphics.
Data visualizationScientific modellingSpatial analysisEdward Tufte

Question 2: Map-making began several millennia before ________, and the map at Çatalhöyük dates from around 7500 BCE.
Latin alphabetWritingAlphabetWriting system

Question 3: Likewise the staff artists at ________, the colorful United States newspaper that debuted in 1982, firmly established the philosophy of using graphics to make information easier to comprehend.
Gannett CompanyThe Des Moines RegisterDetroit Free PressUSA Today

Question 4: Close and strongly related to the field of information graphics, is ________.
Edward TufteInformation designOtto NeurathVisualization (computer graphics)

Question 5: Among the most common devices are horizontal bar charts, vertical column charts, and round or oval ________, that can summarize a lot of statistical information.
William PlayfairPie chartCharles Joseph MinardEurope

Question 6: The book is filled with statistical graphs, bar charts, line graph's and histograms, that represent the economy of 18th century ________.
EnglandWalesUnited KingdomScotland

Question 7: The basic material of an information graphic is the ________, information, or knowledge that the graphic presents.
DataStatistical graphicsStatisticsExperiment

Question 8: In 1936 ________ introduced a system of pictographs intended to function as an international visual or picture language.
Rudolf CarnapOtto NeurathKarl PopperVienna Circle

Question 9: ________ introduced the term "graph" in 1878 and published a set of diagrams showing the relationship between chemical bonds and mathematical properties.
Michael AtiyahG. H. HardyJames Joseph SylvesterHenry Briggs (mathematician)

Question 10: He describes the process of incorporating many dimensions of information into a two-dimensional image as 'escaping flatland' (alluding to the 2-dimensional world of the Victorian novella ________).
Flatland: The MovieFlatlandFlatland (film)Sphereland


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