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Question 1: Information Architecture was originally a term with a meaning more akin to what is called today ________."
Edward TufteVisualization (computer graphics)Information designInformation graphics

Question 2: Most definitions have common qualities: a structural design of shared environments, methods of organizing and labeling websites, ________, and online communities, and ways of bringing the principles of design and architecture to the digital landscape.
File Transfer ProtocolIntranetInternetExtranet

Question 3: Furthermore, some activities involved in the creation of information systems can be similar to activities involved in the creation of ________.
TaxonomyMilitary taxonomyBiological classificationFolk taxonomy

Question 4: The art and science of organizing and labeling web sites, intranets, online communities, and software to support findability and ________.
Usability engineeringUser interfaceHuman–computer interactionUsability

Question 5: Among these activities are library systems, Content Management Systems, web development, user interactions, ________ development, programming, technical writing, enterprise architecture, and critical system software design.
DatabaseRelational modelDatabase modelSQL

Question 6: An emerging ________ focused on bringing principles of design and architecture to the digital landscape.
Network of practiceOrganizational learningCommunity of practiceKnowledge management

Question 7: Information architecture (IA) is the art of expressing a model or ________ of information used in activities that require explicit details of complex systems.
Gilbert RyleGottfried LeibnizConceptHenri Bergson


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