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Question 1: The term information appliance was coined by ________ around 1979.
Jef RaskinAndy HertzfeldApple Inc.Susan Kare

Question 2: For a short while during the mid- and late 1980s, there were a few models of simple electronic ________ with screens and some form of memory storage.
TypewriterBlickensderfer typewriterE. Remington and SonsIBM Selectric typewriter

Question 3: [3][4] As later explained by an influential ________'s The Invisible Computer,[5] the main characteristics of IA, as opposed to any normal computer, were:
Donald NormanHuman–computer interactionUser experience designInteraction design

Question 4: In an ideal world, any true information appliance would be able to communicate with any other information appliance using ________ protocols and technologies, regardless of the maker of the software or the hardware.
Portable Document FormatOpen standardOpen formatH.264/MPEG-4 AVC

Question 5: Typical examples are smartphones and personal digital assistants (________).
Palm OSPersonal digital assistantMobile deviceWindows Mobile

Question 6: Jef Raskin initially tried to include such features in the ________, which he designed, but eventually the project went a quite different way.
MacintoshPowerBookMacintosh hardwarePower Macintosh G3

Question 7: ________, Oracle Corporation CEO, predicted that information appliances and network computers would supersede personal computers (PCs)[6].
America's CupCharles Phillips (businessman)IBM DB2Larry Ellison

Question 8: Information appliances partially overlap in definition with, or are sometimes referred to as, smart devices, ________, mobile devices, wireless devices, or handheld devices.
LaptopEmbedded systemPersonal computerMicrocontroller

Question 9: In general terms, an information appliance or information device is any machine or device that is usable for the purposes of ________, telecommunicating, reproducing, and presenting encoded information in myriad forms and applications.
Electronic engineeringSoftware engineeringElectrical engineeringComputing

Question 10: These dedicated ________ machines had some of the attributes of an information appliance, and Raskin designed one of them, the Canon Cat.
Word processorGNU TeXmacsMicrosoft WordWordPerfect

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