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Question 1: Some of the released mediators such as bradykinin increase the sensitivity to pain (________, dolor).
HeadacheChronic painHyperalgesiaHypoalgesia

Question 2: Cytokines also induce the expression of ________ ligands on endothelial cells, which further slow leukocytes down.
Talin proteinL-selectinCD44Integrin

Question 3: The ________, when activated, results in the increased removal of pathogens via opsonisation and phagocytosis.
Complement systemAlternative complement pathwayClassical complement pathwayMannan-binding lectin pathway

Question 4: The increased collection of fluid into the tissue causes it to swell (________)

Question 5: Skin ________ exemplify this pattern of inflammation.

Question 6: Some act as ________, ingesting bacteria, viruses, and cellular debris.
Neutrophil granulocyteGranulocyteWhite blood cellPhagocyte

Question 7: Granulomatous inflammation: Characterised by the formation of ________, they are the result of a limited but diverse number of diseases, which include among others tuberculosis, leprosy, and syphilis.
Crohn's diseaseGranulomaCoccidioidomycosisHistoplasmosis

Question 8: With the discovery of ________ (IL), the concept of systemic inflammation developed.
InterleukinFas ligandCD154B-cell activating factor

Question 9: Fibrous scarring occurs in these areas of damage, forming a scar composed primarily of ________.
Lysyl hydroxylaseKeratinCollagen, type I, alpha 1Collagen

Question 10: Acute inflammation is characterised by marked vascular changes, including ________, increased permeability, and the slowing of blood flow, which are induced by the actions of various inflammatory mediators.
AntianginalCalcium channel blockerBeta blockerVasodilation


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