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Infinite divisibility: Quiz


Question 1: By contrast, the ring of ________ is not infinitely divisible.
IntegerNatural numberField (mathematics)Rational number

Question 2: According to the ________ of particle physics, the particles that make up an atom — quarks and electrons — are point particles: they do not take up space.
Higgs bosonStandard ModelMatterPhoton

Question 3: The Poisson distribution, the negative binomial distribution, and the Gamma distribution are examples of infinitely divisible distributions; as are the normal distribution, ________ and all other members of the stable distribution family.
Cauchy distributionLog-normal distributionStudent's t-distributionGeneralized normal distribution

Question 4: Although ________ may be infinitely divisible, data on securities prices are reported at discrete times.
Geologic time scaleTimeIslamic calendarGregorian calendar

Question 5: This theory is exposed in Plato's dialogue Timaeus and was also supported by ________.
Willard Van Orman QuineAristotleEmpiricismBertrand Russell

Question 6: One ________, or one euro, is divided into 100 cents; one can only pay in increments of a cent.
United States dollarDollarCayman Islands dollarJamaican dollar

Question 7: One may speak of infinite divisibility, or the lack thereof, of ________, space, time, money, or abstract mathematical objects.

Question 8: Until the discovery of ________, no distinction was made between the question of whether matter is infinitely divisible and the question of whether matter can be cut into smaller parts ad infinitum.
Quantum mechanicsWave–particle dualityIntroduction to quantum mechanicsSchrödinger equation

Question 9: ________ holds that matter is composed ultimately of indivisible parts, or 'atoms'.
Indian philosophyEpicureanismAtomismAristotle

Question 10: To say that the field of ________ is infinitely divisible (i.e.
Real numberIrrational numberRational numberInteger


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