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Question 1: Philosophers who study ________ have compiled large lists of them, and cognitive psychologists have documented many biases in human reasoning that favor incorrect reasoning.
Informal logicAristotlePropositionArgument

Question 2: Statisticians have developed formal rules for inference (________) from quantitative data.
Statistical inferenceGeorge E. P. BoxRegression analysisRonald Fisher

Question 3: Greek philosophers defined a number of ________, correct three-part inferences, that can be used as building blocks for more complex reasoning.
AmbiguitySyllogismPropositional calculusLogic

Question 4: Philosophers and scientists who follow the Bayesian framework for inference use the mathematical rules of ________ to find this best explanation.
Frequency probabilityRandom variableStatisticsProbability

Question 5: Being based upon ________, knowledge expressed using one variant of OWL can be logically processed, i.e., inferences can be made upon it.
QuantificationFirst-order logicMathematical logicModel theory

Question 6: The best explanation is most often identified with the most probable (see ________).
Normal distributionBayes estimatorLinear regressionMaximum likelihood

Question 7: how humans draw conclusions) is traditionally studied within the field of ________.
Cognitive psychologyMemoryNeuropsychologyCognitive neuropsychology

Question 8: The process by which a conclusion is inferred from multiple observations is called ________.
EmpiricismAristotleLogical positivismInductive reasoning

Question 9: ________ researchers develop automated inference systems.
Daniel DennettKarl PopperArtificial intelligenceRené Descartes

Question 10: ________ studies the laws of valid inference.

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