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Question 1: Similar occlusion to blood flow and consequent ________ can occur as a result of severe vasoconstriction as illustrated in severe Raynaud's phenomenon that can lead to irreversible gangrene.

Question 2: cocaine vasoconstriction leading to ________).
Myocardial infarctionIschaemic heart diseaseCoronary artery diseaseHeart failure

Question 3: ________ (the most severe form of which is gangrene)
AtheromaPeripheral vascular diseaseBuerger's diseaseAtherosclerosis

Question 4: an embolus, thrombus, or ________), may be mechanically compressed (e.g.
AtherosclerosisAbdominal aortic aneurysmAortic dissectionAtheroma

Question 5: ________ or vasculitides), or vasoconstricted (e.g.
AtherosclerosisAtheromaHypertensionCardiovascular disease

Question 6: Infarctions are commonly associated with hypertension or ________.
Cardiovascular diseaseAtherosclerosisAtheromaAortic dissection

Question 7: The occlusion consists more of red blood cells and ________ strands.

Question 8: The supplying ________ may be blocked by an obstruction (e.g.
Arterial treeBlood vesselArterySystemic circulation

Question 9: tumor, volvulus, or ________), ruptured by trauma (e.g.
Crohn's diseaseHerniaPeritonitisInguinal hernia

Question 10: ________ (hemorrhagic infarcts), generally affect the lungs or other loose organs (testis, ovary, small intestines).
BruiseBleedingGastrointestinal bleedingPurpura


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