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Question 1: Research finds that massage enhances neural development and ________ in rodents and humans and is particularly important for preterm infants.
TurkeyUnited StatesHuman heightAzerbaijan

Question 2: Infants show increased levels of insulin and ________ in their blood serum following massage therapy and this links to them gaining extra body weight.
Nerve growth factorInsulin-like growth factorInsulin-like growth factor 1Insulin-like growth factor 2

Question 3: Full term infants receiving massage therapy show more weight, greater length, less irritability and better ________.

Question 4: The use of certain oils in traditional societies such as ________ might effect newborn skin integrity and permeability.
CanolaMustard oilOlive oilSoybean

Question 5: [9]Massage to the leg reduces pain prior to ________ venipuncture.
Intravenous therapyBlood donationBloodVenipuncture

Question 6: [2] Mothers with ________ that massage their infants reduce their own depression and improve the quality of their social interactions with their infants.
Major depressive disorderSchizophreniaPostpartum depressionBipolar disorder

Question 7: [11] Length of stay in hospital and occurrence of late-onset ________ is also reduced by mothers massaging their preterm infants.
SepsisAcute liver failureShock (circulatory)Acute respiratory distress syndrome

Question 8: [19] It was also has been encouraged in ________ since the Qing dynasty.
ChinaTime in ChinaProvince (China)Religion in China

Question 9: [9] This has been suggested to be due to better control by the infant's brain of its body state and its ________.
HeartCirculatory systemFetal circulationMyocardial infarction

Question 10: Preterm newborns receiving massage in ________ gain more body weight than those that do not.
Intensive-care medicineAcute respiratory distress syndromeAcute liver failureNeonatal intensive-care unit


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