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Inertial navigation system: Quiz


Question 1: The ________ are a set of three rings, each with a pair of bearings initially at right angles.
ItalyAncient historyCompassGimbal

Question 2: ________ was built by Raytheon under subcontract to MIT/CSDL.
Apollo programCentral processing unitAlbert L. HopkinsApollo Guidance Computer

Question 3: These can be extremely small (≈5 mm) and are built with ________ (MEMS) technologies.
SiliconMicrofluidicsEtching (microfabrication)Microelectromechanical systems

Question 4: However, ________ are now so inexpensive and fast that rate gyro systems can now be practically used and mass-produced.
LinuxPersonal computerComputerCentral processing unit

Question 5: Data is returned to the outside world via the transformers, or sometimes ________ communicating with external photodiodes.
Fluorescent lampLight-emitting diodeGas-discharge lampLED lamp

Question 6: One of the most common alternative sensors is a satellite navigation radio, such as ________.
F-15 EagleCompassInertial navigation systemGlobal Positioning System

Question 7: By using the original orientation of the system in the inertial reference frame as the initial condition and ________ the angular velocity, the system's current orientation is known at all times.
Continuous functionIntegralCalculusDerivative

Question 8: This reduces the cost, eliminates ________, removes the need for some calibrations, and increases the reliability by eliminating some of the moving parts.
Euler anglesGyroscopeQuaternions and spatial rotationGimbal lock

Question 9: Inertial guidance systems are now usually combined with ________ through a digital filtering system.
Compass navigation systemGlobal Positioning SystemGlobal navigation satellite systemGalileo (satellite navigation)

Question 10: American rocket pioneer Robert Goddard experimented with rudimentary ________ systems.
Gyro monorailAngular momentumGyroscopePrecession


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