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Inequality: Quiz


Question 1: The properties which deal with ________ and subtraction state:
Vector space0 (number)Algebraic structureAddition

Question 2: In ________, an inequality is a statement about the relative size or order of two objects, or about whether they are the same or not (See also: equality).
Mathematical logicSet theoryGeometryMathematics

Question 3: Also, a ________ would need to be defined on a vector before this property could be considered.
Division (mathematics)Group (mathematics)Rational numberMultiplicative inverse

Question 4: The properties which deal with ________ and division state:
MultiplicationVector spaceAlgebraAddition

Question 5: If (F, +, ×) is a field and ≤ is a ________ on F, then (F, +, ×, ≤) is called an ordered field if and only if:
Total orderBinary relationPartially ordered setOrder theory

Question 6: A definition which is sometimes used is the ________:
String (computer science)Total orderLexicographical orderPartially ordered set

Question 7: ________, used in programming languages to denote inequality
PerlOperator overloadingC (programming language)Relational operator

Question 8: An additional use of the notation is to show that one quantity is much greater than another, normally by several ________.
Orders of magnitude (temperature)Orders of magnitude (length)Order of magnitudeOrders of magnitude (numbers)

Question 9: For any ________, a and b, exactly one of the following is true:
Complex numberTranscendental numberIrrational numberReal number


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