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Industry in Brazil: Quiz


Question 1: Two large hydroelectric projects, the 12,600 megawatt ________ on the Paraná River--the world's largest dam—and the Tucurui Dam in Para in northern Brazil, are in operation.
Iguazu FallsParaguayItaipuHydroelectricity

Question 2: Brazil has the third most advanced industrial sector in ________.
North AmericaAmericas (terminology)AmericasSouth America

Question 3: It first appeared in 1830, with the founding of the Santo Antonio do Queimado plant in the city of Salvador, capital of the province of ________.
PernambucoRio Grande do NorteBahiaMinas Gerais

Question 4: At the end of the 1860s, came a new industrial surge caused by two armed conflicts: the ________ and the War of the Triple Alliance.
TennesseeBleeding KansasAmerican Civil WarUnited States

Question 5: [13] In 1850, there were 50 ________ with a capital of at least Rs 7.000:000$000.
BirminghamIndustrial RevolutionFactoryManchester

Question 6: Still, the manufactured goods were quite diverse: hats, combs, farriery and sawmills, spinning and weaving, soap and candles, glasses, ________, oil, etc.
CarpetPersian carpetRug makingNavajo rug

Question 7: [30] Of this amount, 60% were employed in the textile sector, 15% in food, 10% in the ________, 4% in timber, 3.5% in clothing and 3% in metallurgy.
OxygenChemical substanceCarbonChemistry

Question 8: One of the main establishments created at this period was the metallurgical factory Ponta da Areia (In English: Sand Tip), in the city of Niterói, that also constructed ________.
Paddle steamerNew EnglandMississippi RiverSteamboat

Question 9: [10] The concentration of industry that emerged in the province of Bahia considerably expanded its economic scope, reaching the south of Ceará, Piauí and even ________.
Minas GeraisSão Paulo (state)PernambucoBelo Horizonte

Question 10: The São Paulo and ________ stock exchanges are undergoing a consolidation and the reinsurance sector is about to be privatized.
RecifeRio de JaneiroNiteróiSalvador, Bahia


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