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Question 1: Ion exchange using natural or synthetic resins removes ________, magnesium and carbonate ions from water, replacing them with hydrogen and hydroxyl ions.

Question 2: Methods include Advanced Oxidation Processing, ________, adsorption, vitrification, incineration, chemical immobilisation or landfill disposal.
Liquid-liquid extractionDistillationSpinning coneAzeotrope

Question 3: Insecticide residues in fleeces is a particular problem in treating waters generated in ________ processing.

Question 4: Many steel industry ________ are contaminated by hydraulic oil also known as soluble oil.
WastewaterFreshwater environmental quality parametersWater qualityWater pollution

Question 5: Although, flocculation may be used, using ________ salts or the addition of polyelectrolytes.

Question 6: The principal waste-waters associated with ________ and quarries are slurries of rock particles in water.
MiningMetallurgyArchaeologyMining engineering

Question 7: The waste production from the nuclear and radio-chemicals industry is dealt with as ________.
Nuclear fission productRadioactive wasteLong-lived fission productIntegral Fast Reactor

Question 8: Animal slaughter and processing produces very strong organic waste from body fluids, such as ________, and gut contents.
Blood plasmaPlateletBloodRed blood cell

Question 9: For metal mines, this can include unwanted metals such as zinc and other materials such as ________.

Question 10: Water treatment produces organic and mineral sludges from ________ and sedimentation.


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