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Industrial music: Quiz


Question 1: [73] They also borrowed from funk and ________.
DiscoFreestyle musicNightclubPost-disco

Question 2: [61] Blixa Bargeld, inspired by ________ and an enthusiast of amphetamines, also originated an art movement called Die Genialen Dilettanten.
Comte de LautréamontSurrealismJean CocteauAntonin Artaud

Question 3: Their production was not limited to music, but included ________, performance art, installation pieces and other art forms.
Mail artFluxusConceptual artArt Nouveau

Question 4: Clock DVA and 23 Skidoo practiced an industrial version of ________.

Question 5: These offshoots include fusions with noise music, ________, folk music, and electronic dance music, as well as other mutations and developments.
New Age musicDrone musicDark ambientAmbient music

Question 6: [78] J. G. Thirlwell, a co-producer with Coil, developed a version of black comedy in industrial music, borrowing from lounge as well as noise and ________.
John WilliamsFilm scoreFilm Score MonthlyHans Zimmer

Question 7: Early industrial performances often involved taboo-breaking, provocative elements, such as mutilation, ________ elements and totalitarian imagery or symbolism, as well as forms of audience abuse.
Japanese bondageAnimal roleplayBondage (sexual)Sadomasochism

Question 8: [75] Cabaret Voltaire had become friends with ________, and began to practice a similar form of danceable electropop.
24 Hour Party PeopleBernard SumnerNew OrderPeter Hook

Question 9: [30] Nurse with Wound cited a long list of obscure free improvisation and ________ as recommended listening.
Industrial musicKrautrockProgressive rockPost-rock

Question 10: [59] In Italy, work by ________ at the beginning of the 1980s also shared this aesthetic.
Maurizio BianchiCome OrganisationNurse with WoundNoise (music)

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