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Industrial microbiology: Quiz


Question 1: oil), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), ________ (PAHs), pharmaceutical substances, radionuclides and metals.
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbonFormaldehydeHigh-fructose corn syrupLead poisoning

Question 2: The use of ________ in citric acid production dates back to 1917.
Aspergillus nigerFungusAscomycotaGlucose

Question 3: Species within the genus ________ have a large chemical repertoire.
AspergillusAspergillus nigerAscomycotaFungus

Question 4: The use of microorganisms for the production of food, either human or animal, is often considered a branch of ________.
Foodborne illnessFood microbiologyBacteriaNutrition

Question 5: 'Good' bacteria such as ________ are becoming increasingly important in the food industry.
Dietary fiberProbioticLactobacillus reuteriLactobacillus casei

Question 6: Industrial microbiology or microbial biotechnology encompasses the use of ________ in the manufacture of food or industrial products.

Question 7: Diagnostic assays that use monoclonal antibody, DNA probe technology or ________ are used as rapid tests for pathogenic organisms in the clinical laborarory.
Reverse transcription polymerase chain reactionReal-time polymerase chain reactionGene expressionPolymerase chain reaction

Question 8: Microorganisms may also help in the treatment of diseases such as ________.

Question 9: ________ of pollutants can be used to cleanup contaminated environments.
BiotransformationMicrobial biodegradationBacteriaEnvironmental microbiology

Question 10: These ________ and biotransformation methods harness naturally occurring microbes to degrade, transform or accumulate a huge range of compounds including hydrocarbons (e.g.
BioremediationPollutionWater pollutionMarine pollution


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