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Inductor: Quiz


Question 1: An inductor can be modeled by the ________ effect of a heavy turbine rotated by the flow.
TorqueFlywheelSteam engineEngine

Question 2: If an inductor is connected to a DC current source, with value I via a resistance, R, and then the current source short circuited, the differential relationship above shows that the current through the inductor will discharge with an ________:
Half-lifeBorder Gateway ProtocolExponential decayRadioactive decay

Question 3: An ideal inductor would offer no resistance to a constant direct current; however, only superconducting inductors have truly zero ________.
Electrical conductionElectrical resistanceElectric currentElectrical impedance

Question 4:
What type is thing is Inductor?

Question 5: Small inductors can be etched directly onto a ________ by laying out the trace in a spiral pattern.
Printed circuit boardSchematic captureGerber FileSurface-mount technology

Question 6: Materials with low ________ have narrow hysteresis loops and so low hysteresis losses.

Question 7: An inductor is used as the energy storage device in some ________.
Switched-mode power supplyCapacitorTransformerDC-to-DC converter

Question 8:
  • ________: From Faraday's law of induction, the changing magnetic field can induce circulating loops of electric current in the conductive metal core.
    Eddy currentElectromagnetismElectromotive forceMaxwell's equations

Question 9: ________ through the conductor creates a magnetic flux proportional to the current, and a change in this current creates a corresponding change in magnetic flux which, in turn, by Faraday's Law generates an electromotive force (EMF) that opposes this change in current.
Electric currentMaxwell's equationsMagnetic fieldElectric charge

Question 10: When using the ________ in circuit analysis, the transfer impedance of an ideal inductor with no initial current is represented in the s domain by:
Dirac delta functionConvolutionLaplace transformFourier transform


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