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Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry: Quiz


Question 1: Electron multiplier  • ________  • Daly detector
Time-of-flight mass spectrometryIon sourceMass spectrometryMicrochannel plate detector

Question 2: The ________ octopole reaction system (ORS)) uses only helium or hydrogen and the volume of the cell is smaller than that of a DRC, but is based only on collision reactions and not on chemical reactions.
Agilent TechnologiesAvago TechnologiesHewlett-PackardPhilips

Question 3: The dynamic reaction cell was introduced by ________ on their Elan DRC (followed by Elan DRC II and Elan DRC-e) instrument and is located before the quadrupole in the ICP-MS device.
PerkinElmerApplied BiosystemsAppleraCelera Corporation

Question 4: There is an increasing trend of using ICP-MS as a tool in Speciation Analysis, which normally involves a front end ________ separation and an elemental selective detector, such as AAS and ICP-MS.
Flow cytometryEnzyme assayChromatographyMass spectrometry

Question 5: The carrier gas (usually ________ or occasionally helium) is sent through the central channel and into the very hot plasma.

Question 6: First, argon is abundant (in the atmosphere, as a result of the radioactive decay of potassium) and therefore cheaper than other ________.
HalogenMetalPeriodic tableNoble gas

Question 7: It is based on coupling together an inductively coupled plasma as a method of producing ________ (ionization) with a mass spectrometer as a method of separating and detecting the ions.
IonHalf cellElectrolyteLithium-ion battery

Question 8: For coupling to ________, the ions from the plasma are extracted through a series of cones into a mass spectrometer, usually a quadrupole.
ChromatographyAutopsyMass spectrometryEnzyme assay

Question 9: Breakable PAGE ________ (DPAGE, dissolvable PAGE), two-dimensional gel electrophoresis or chromatography is used for separation of MeCAT labelled proteins.
SDS-PAGEWestern blotProtein purificationNative PAGE

Question 10: The purpose of which is to allow a vacuum that is required by the ________.
AutopsyMass spectrometryChromatographyEnzyme assay


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